That story of the jewel is noble , it has always been characterized by having used all the technological knowledge and materials available in different periods.

That Evolution, according to GOGOVER, at some point never happened again.

"The enormous load of traditions, habits and customs, which occupies most of our brain, mercilessly ballast the brightest and most innovative ideas"

 (JOSE ’SARAMAGO) Nobel Prize in Literature 1998.

 Gogover was created to release that "ballast" and let itself be contaminated by new technologies, materials and designs, the fruit of our time.

 The challenge is all in the enhancement of these aspects, never taken into consideration by the world of jewelry, effectively creating a small revolution.

The common denominator of each component of the GOGOVER project can be summarized in one word:


Jewelery structures

              - Made of very common plastics.

              - Ennobled by precision workmanship and particular care in the finishes, rigorously handmade;


            Practically infinite models and shapes not bound to the size of the objects, due to the cost of raw materials.

            Visual impact IMPORTANT - DECIDED - UNIQUE.

            The different colors of the raw material are stable over time and unassailable by substances of various kinds.

            The intersection with the colors of the set GEMS produce a very appreciable contrast and impossible to achieve with traditional materials.

        Stainless steel inserts (when present) give a touch of sportiness and further solidity.


        Borrowed from the precision mechanics sector, to give an understandable example to all, are the same techniques used to make a Formula One engine, but in essence it is applied to all sectors where extreme and guaranteed precision is required.

        The plastics are not cast but machined from solid, bar or plate.

        Chip export processing.

        The finishing and setting of the Gems performed strictly by hand.

        The Gems are set with GOGOVER's exclusive mechanical techniques, the result of our long research and experimentation at a technical level, almost twenty years, which began in 2003 with the "Carlitoss Ring" experiment.

        Our ultra-tested setting techniques allow a 100% visibility of the Gem, especially in the cases of Very Small Gems, unthinkable to obtain with traditional materials and setting systems.

        Glues and other products potentially harmful to health are not used.


        Mainly Laboratory Grown Diamonds, of various colors (Lab Grown Diamond) which are, in our opinion, the most technological and grandiose human ingenuity could have achieved.

        Rubies - Sapphires - Emeralds (Lab Grown)

        Certifications, issued by leading International Gemological Institutes (Gems of carat weight over 0.35 ct)

        Natural colored Diamonds and stones on request.

        All the existing semiprecious gems and hard stones.

  Every revolution, even the most modest, requires a component of healthy madness, but also a clear and real vision, capable of truly opening new horizons.

Our interpretation of this vision is an extremely innovative, modern jewel within everyone's reach.

A product without the "ballast of traditions" designed for those who appreciate real innovations and love to stand out.

 Technology is the constant thrust of our civilization which cannot be put a limit.

 The “Go Go Over” brand synthesizes the concepts expressed and interprets their substance.

Carlo Tozzi